Kurt Brabson

Associate, Project Architect

M.Arch, B.Arch

portrait of Kurt Brabson

Kurt holds a master's degree in Product Architecture and Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology. He brings over 16 years of professional experience working in Toronto and abroad, including four years focused on luxury spa and hotel design in New York City. Since joining HPA in 2010, Kurt has honed his craft in high-end private residential design, leading the delivery of several projects including Lake Huron Residence and Dufferin County Residence. His hands-on, personalized approach to the management of clients, consultants, and trades allows him to effortlessly navigate the unique requirements and nuances of every project while ensuring greater control over the design execution. 

Kurt is primarily involved in the construction documentation and administration of HPA’s private residential portfolio, from site review and coordination to design mock-ups with fabricators. A skilled communicator, he establishes and maintains strong working relationships with the trades and builders, allowing the team to leverage their expertise during the development and implementation of innovative design concepts.

portrait of Kurt Brabson